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I must say that I agree with this guy.  
MY UNPOPULAR OPINION ABOUT LONDON’S RIOTi’m probably gonna get a lot of shit about this but i’ll tell you exactly what i think about it.
from what i heard and read over the internet, the riot started because a policeman killed a guy. i think that’s just a fucked up reason (just like the rodney incident). people are just taking this an advantage(a reason) to burn down building and break-in into stores to steal shit. i feel really sad for the people who’s properties have been burnt and lost a bunch of shit. but if you ask me i don’t feel any kind of sympathy towards “the rioters”. i’ve not found one legit reason why they have to destroy the country and affect other people’s lives.
there are over 12 million people starving in africa right now and i don’t see any of you posting about it. they didn’t choose to be that way, they need  your help. pray for them instead!
this people might be lower class but they have food to eat! they are stealing fucking electronics for god’s sake!
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It's about this notice. 

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